Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.

Growth For Media, Publishers, Brands

Perfect Clicks continues to grow along with our clients, creating innovative solutions for their problems, needs, goals, products and services. We work closely with our clients to listen, understand and analyze their business.

Our team spends plenty of time to get to know your brand, voice, industry and audience. Using advanced market research, backed by data-driven tools, we make recommendations to provide content, design, development and marketing services.

Branding & Design

Don’t trust your branding to any agency. We’ve worked with dozens of startup and small businesses to establish branding strategy that’s sustainable, engaging and scalable. Having worked for major fortune 500 brands, enterprises and government entities, you’ll have a voice that takes over the industry.

Unlike most marketing agencies, we take a multi-faceted approach to branding your business tying together your domain, logo, website, marketing materials and ad campaigns. Whether you’re starting a new brand or rebranding an existing name, our New Jersey team will deliver with a data based approach including industry analysis, competitor research and stunning visualizations.

Join over 80 clients who have started with nothing but an idea and developed it into a domain, logo, website, platform, product, service, business and…enterprise.


Brands Established


Articles Written

Content Writing

The highest traffic websites all have one thing in common…content. Our award-winning content team has written over 10,000 blog posts and articles online. Owning and operating our own media websites, we are able to test, tweak and optimize content at our own risk. In turn, we have proprietary in-house technology, processes and training to write high quality content.

These time-tested content processes are the reason our premium publishers, clients and brands receive over 100 times the traffic of their competition. Our unique, quality content meets over 50 checkpoints to deliver content made to solve problems, build relationships, and gain authority. For SEO and marketing, content is the foundation of everything we do.

Additionally, our team provides long form content pieces, white papers, case studies, press releases, infographics, technical documentation, ebooks, media kits and much more. Speak with us about your content needs.

Web Development

Tired of off-shore developers, template website builders and low quality designers? Your business needs a fast, mobile ready website that’s built for leads, sales, and subscribers. Our experienced UX designer and developers work directly with your team to create an industry leading website.

We take the time to have live review meetings with each of our clients, along with key decision makers and stake holders. When it comes to developing SMB, enterprise and government websites, we have extensive experience in communicating strategic decisions, design concepts and industry leading solutions for your content. We work closely with each client to understand their primary and secondary audiences. Moreover, our website development meetings give you the opportunity to communicate revisions, changes, suggestions and feedback.

Unlike other development companies, we have structured processes for review, feedback, deadlines and delivery. Our team of web developers and project managers will ensure that your project is completed with full satisfaction.


Websites Developed


Keywords Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most SEO companies boast about 20, 50, or 100 keyword rankings. Our SEO clients rank for 1000’s of keywords on the first page, attracting organic visitors, leads and customers. With over 10 years of experience in the media industry, we take a content driven approach to SEO. A content strategy creates a transparent process and measurable ROI for clients.

Our unique content and optimization strategies take the guessing out of SEO. Quite simply, the best content online…wins. Using our advanced processes, backed by proprietary tools and licensed third-party data, our team will have your website ranking for highly competitive keywords in any industry.

We apply experience from different industries to uncover untapped opportunities, profitable keywords and traffic sources. Often times, we deliver traffic for our clients the competition doesn’t even know exists! Then, we back up our results with keywords, analytics and conversion reports. Many of our clients would have to spend over $20,000 in paid ads each month to receive the same traffic.

Video Production

It’s no secret – video marketing works! In fact, video continues to grow it’s percentage of internet traffic year after year.

We create stunning commercial and marketing videos for companies of all sizes. Whether you need to show a space, tell a story, demo a product or advertise on TV, our skilled videographers and editors can make your vision a reality.

Plus, we combine pre and post production with your digital marketing efforts to yield the best results for social campaigns. Our videos are made to satisfy multiple stakeholders including investors, customers and the larger community.


Hours Of Footage


Ad Budget Managed

Digital Marketing

Need full-service digital marketing solutions? Most mid-sized businesses and enterprises already have some form of PR, advertising, or social media in place. Often times, these approaches aren’t synced together for consistent messaging and conversions.

We work with each client to develop the digital marketing strategy that works for your industry. Whether you’re in ecommerce, retail, wholesale, industrial, manufacturing or services, leverage our experience to yield the best results for the long term. Our account managers will recommend proven platforms, budgets and strategies that work specifically for your category.

Often times, we are able to save our clients $10,000’s of ad spend by investing in long term content, redirecting budgets or managing audience targeting. Additionally, we continuously improve your website to optimizing conversions, decreasing your overall cost per acquisition while boosting ROI.

Custom Software

Perfect Clicks LLC has development experience in a variety of languages. We’ve worked on and developed projects in C/C++, Go, RoR, Python, Javascript, Swift, PHP, JSON, SQL, XML, Bash, Linux, AngularJS, Dart, and others. Plus, we have developed custom applications for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, mobile applications and more.

Often times, we work with our clients to integrate various sales and marketing software, including order forms, inventory management, CRM systems and billing automation.

Our team is highly experienced at migrating websites, databases, servers and hosting environments. We are trained and experienced in development on leading platforms including WHM/CPanel, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm and many others.


Lines of Code


Leads Managed

CRM Development

If you’re like most businesses, it takes a few (or few dozen) follow ups to close a deal. Sales is all about following up with the right person at the right time and with the right offer. Of course, following up takes time, energy and resources. Then, businesses have to follow up again for repeat sales, cross sales and upsells.

Enter our CRM integrations partners – to automate sales and increase customer retention. Our sales automation experts work with your company to engage leads and potential businesses. More importantly, our CRM specialists in New Jersey will identify your most profitable customers and keep them engaged. With a CRM software partner, you can grow relationships and business with your existing customer base. It’s a win-win.

Most companies focus 90% of their sales efforts on new business. With sales automation solutions in NJ, you can connect with new and existing customers to increase profits, reduce lost sales and boost company productivity.

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