You need professional video producers to reach your customer base.

Brand Meetings & Discussion

Perfect Clicks will meet with PARQ to discuss video direction, brand strategy, target audience and messaging. We will provide 1-2 meetings (30 min each) to establish brand direction. If additional meetings or workshops are required, we may add more as needed until the client is satisfied with the outcome (up to 5 meetings total).

Concept Generation

Next, our team will create new concepts, ideas and topics to cater to your audience. The main concepts are determined by the brand meetings, existing assets, and potential footage. We benchmark our work against global competitors to ensure the best work anywhere in the world. This level of research and detail makes the difference to improve our production, make the video memorable and a long term brand asset.

Storyboard Creation

With a chose concept in place, Perfect Clicks will provide a story board graphic of scenes, shot lists and imagery throughout the video. The storyboard may include shots of existing footage or shots to be captured by our team. Additionally, we will compose a script for overall placement, brand messaging and call to action. This will be delivered for approval to the client.

Video Production

Once approved, we will produce the film. Our team will create a shooting schedule to capture scenes in the proper weather conditions. We will provide all equipment required on site at the location. Our videographers will record footage using a variety of methods including mobile, stabilized and drone footage.

Post Production Editing

With new footage, Perfect Clicks will cut, splice and combine clips from the footage taken. This is where our team can turn your footage into a work of art. Depending on the footage captured, we can infuse graphics, text and animations to bring your story to life. Additionally, we will provide carefully selected music and sound layering for the video.

Revisions & Meetings

Once the video is ready, we will send the first version for review. Our team will meet with you to discuss the footage, music, timing, clips, text and more. Here, we will offer plenty of support to make sure that we get your video right. We will provide up to 3 revisions to ensure your satisfaction.

Video Distribution

After final revisions are completed, our team will produce the video files for distribution. We can also upload the video to your YouTube or social media channels if they are already setup. Furthermore, we can help you promote your video via paid and organic channels to maximize exposure.

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