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CRM Development Services

If you’re like most businesses, it takes a few (or few dozen) follow ups to close a deal. Sales is all about following up with the right person at the right time and with the right offer. Of course, following up takes time, energy and resources. Then, businesses have to follow up again for repeat sales, cross sales and upsells.

Enter our CRM integrations partners – to automate sales and increase customer retention. Our sales automation experts work with your company to engage leads and potential businesses. More importantly, our CRM specialists in New Jersey will identify your most profitable customers and keep them engaged. With a CRM software partner, you can grow relationships and business with your existing customer base. It’s a win-win.

Most companies focus 90% of their sales efforts on new business. With sales automation solutions in NJ, you can connect with new and existing customers to increase profits, reduce lost sales and boost company productivity.

A Trusted CRM Partner

A long term partnership allow us to continue to build on existing infrastructure. CRM does not exist alone. It should integrate within multiple applications, programs and software throughout the business. To maximize the power of your customer data, hire a CRM partner that you can trust with you data, customers and growth.

Custom CRM Development

Every company needs a unique solution to support their current sales systems, teams and processes. Our CRM developers take the time to get to know your company needs before recommending a CRM solution for your company. In fact, this 1-to-1 support is how our team can uncover hidden value and revenue for your company during development.

Proven CRM Solutions

As you may know, we didn’t start out in the CRM industry. We just wanted to solve problems for our customers. As we grew our customer’s businesses, they could no longer handle the lead flow. So, we designed CRM solutions to solve problems and increase revenues at the same time. We know it works, because it already worked.

CRM Sales Automation

Our team specializes in matching your company with the best CRM software for sales automation and support. Increasing customer sales, we have a wealth of experience working with various CRM systems including Insightly, Pipedrive and Hubspot. In fact, we are an authorized Zoho CRM partner in addition to many other companies above.

Experienced CRM Consulting

With our specialty in custom software and integrations, we believe that Perfect Clicks LLC would be the ideal consulting partner. Starting off in web development and SEO, we have grown with our clients, implementing many solutions including email configuration, lead management, form submissions, CRM implementations, inventory & fulfillment, and billing automation.

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