Join a team built around hard work, high integrity and constant improvement.

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Perfect Clicks LLC enables growth for our websites, partners and clients. We specialize in content, design, development, SEO, digital marketing and custom software. Established in 2013, our small team of hard working and growth driven professionals have developed more than 200 websites, written over 10,000 articles, and served upwards of 50M page views. We service high traffic websites, ecommerce retailers, media companies, digital agencies, startups, small businesses and enterprise clients in a variety of industries such as: solar energy, financial services, SaaS, media communications, food & restaurants, pharmaceuticals, real estate, technology and more.

Perfect Clicks is looking for highly motivated individuals who welcome new experiences, learning and challenges.

If you would like to join a growing company in a fast paced industry, we are currently accepting applications for the positions below.

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Why Work At Perfect Clicks LLC?

We are most proud of our small team and the values that we stand for – HARD WORK. HONESTY. IMPROVEMENT. We firmly believe that our team can out-work and out-perform the competition. Moreover, our high integrity standards and constant learning culture allow us to enable growth at individual, team and organizational levels.

We’re looking for a hard working, high integrity individual who would like to join a small, close knit team. You will be working directly with the CEO to deliver on key marketing responsibilities including content, development, SEO and digital marketing. Moreover, you can work with multiple sides of the business including in-house websites, premium partners and direct clients.

  • Small, tight knit team dedicated to growth and results
  • Professional office environment in Parsippany, NJ
  • Plenty of opportunity to take on responsibilities and tasks
  • Receive dedicated attention to improve your skills
  • Join a team that’s making a real impact

What Does Perfect Clicks Offer?

Of course, we are dedicated to growing our talented team with training, support and resources. In addition to a family like environment, compensation is based on contribution and responsibility rather than tenure alone. We are committed to growing your responsibilities and salary as you grow with the company. Additionally, we offer paid time off, paid sick leave, 401K matching, profit sharing, and great work-life balance. And, ask us about our new health care benefits.

  • Paid sick days
  • Paid time off / Vacation
  • Flexible or Business Hours
  • 401(k) plan with matching
  • Annual profit sharing
  • Performance bonuses
  • Health insurance plans

Typically, our positions start with a heavy part-time or full time hours. If you are looking for flexibility, we can work with your current availability while growing with the team.

What Are The Marketing Opportunities Available?

Everyday, you’ll write multiple blog posts, leveraging our unique content development process. We will train you to write industry leading content for publishers, news outlets and brands. Plus, you’ll learn how our content receives over 100x traffic compared to the competition. In addition to taking your writing skills to a new level, you’ll be solving problems for real audiences, customers and partners. Since content is the foundation of great marketing, we will combine your content experience to drive change in web development, digital campaigns and custom software. Unlike other companies, you will not be stuck in one silo – content, development or design. Rather, you’ll develop multiple skills and responsibilities to excel within the media industry.

What Types Of Clients Do We Service?

Perfect Clicks LLC is a leading media company in New Jersey. We provide high quality content, development and marketing services throughout the nation. Our diverse team services startups, SMBs and mid-to-enterprise level companies in a variety of industries. A large portion of our partners and clients are in the business, finance, technology and software fields. In addition, we service clients across many industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food & restaurants, venues, solar energy, construction, and more.

What Will I Be Expected To Do?

Everyone on our team, from entry to senior level positions, write content every day. Content is the foundation of our success for driving traffic online with SEO, marketing and development. For many positions, you may be responsible for similar tasks:

  • Write 3-4 quality blog posts per day
  • Schedule, edit and publish live content
  • Manage SEO keywords, optimization, meta
  • Design for banners, newsletters, social posts
  • Development for front end websites
  • Marketing tasks including newsletters, blasts, etc.
  • Social media posts, networking, collaboration

What types of tasks do content writers handle?

Primary Job Responsibilities
  • Write 3-4 blog posts daily for various publishers
  • Research topics in business, tech and specific industries
  • Identify opportunities for SEO keyword and traffic growth
  • Edit and schedule content on WordPress & CMS platforms
  • Update and manage live content with SEO optimizations
Additional Job Opportunities
  • SEO Keywords research and management
  • Design website banners, sliders, graphics
  • Develop front-end websites with HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Create marketing newsletters, landing pages
  • Promote social media profiles and content

Do I need to know SEO?

You will be responsible for writing SEO optimized blog posts for leading online publications, news platforms and client websites. Your ultimate goal is to increase organic traffic by producing high quality content, optimizing keywords and editing titles/meta descriptions. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take on design and development tasks to improve user experience, increasing on-page metrics.

In addition to creating opportunities for our clients, we also enable growth for our team. We focus on growth at the individual, team and organizational level. Being a small team, your impact and efforts are much more meaningful in a fast paced environment. You will have the chance to make a difference by producing high quality work, building real relationships, and taking on new responsibilities.

As an entry level content writer, you will learn our process for writing engaging content, using our structure, approach to topics, building audiences and delivering on promises. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to edit, schedule and manage live content for premium publishers and brands globally. Since content is the foundation of our SEO and digital marketing strategies, you will also have the opportunity to take on design, development and marketing projects.

Position Qualifications
  • Strong written communication and grammar skills
  • Hard working, motivated attitude, and growth mindset
  • Degree in English, Communications, Marketing, PR, etc.
  • Preferred: Experience writing content, articles, blog posts
  • Preferred: Design, development or marketing experience
  • Preferred: Working in teams, fast paced environments

We offer a significant amount of 1-to-1 training so that you learn our process to writing SEO-optimized content, managing live content and increasing organic traffic through keywords and internal linking.

  • Write 3-4 blog posts daily
  • Research keywords for traffic opportunities
  • Edit content for clarity, conciseness
  • Schedule and publish live content for clients
  • Design website landing pages and call to action
  • Develop SEO-friendly pages and websites
  • Update content pages for increased traffic
  • Review SEO analytics and data reports

Do I Need To Know Data Entry?

We are looking for a data entry specialist who has exceptional grammar and writing skills. The data entry position requires writing web content, publishing blog posts, social media posts, uploading keywords and analyzing data. Additionally, the position requires clear guidelines for managing content, keywords and analytic data.

As a data entry specialist, you will have the opportunity to learn our processes for content, publishing, design and development. Furthermore, you will write, edit, schedule and manage live content for premium publishers and brands. Plus, you can take on different responsibilities within SEO, web development and digital marketing projects.

Job Responsibilities

  • Write and upload 3-4 blog posts per day
  • Analyze content topics for traffic opportunities
  • List and input keywords for blog post content
  • Upload, format and publish content on websites
  • Edit and update live content for increased traffic
  • Input text on graphics for social, web designs
  • Data entry and analysis for basic software projects
  • Insert ecommerce products to newsletters, websites

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Excellent grammar and communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail and editing
  • Degree in English, Marketing, Finance, Computer Science, etc.
  • Preferred: Working in fast paced environment
  • Positive, can-do attitude for service and teamwork


  • Flexible scheduling for part-time or full-time hours
  • Team oriented approach toward growth
  • Regular check-ins and reviews for compensation / responsibilities
  • Paid sick time off & vacation days
  • Healthcare benefits personalized to you
  • 401K plan eligibility with company matching

What Are The Web Development Opportunities?

At Perfect Clicks, we go beyond building websites, we enable growth for businesses. Perfect Clicks specializes in developing advanced, cutting edge websites for individuals, small businesses, mid-sized companies and Fortune 500 enterprises. We’ve worked with governments, municipalities, non-profits and associations. Whether you’ve worked in the private or public sector, bring your experience to our growing team. We used the latest technologies, strategies and trends to build websites that flat-out sell. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to build on WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, custom software, and more.

Since we are a media company first, everyone on our team writes content. As a developer, you will be expected to write content, blog posts, technical documentation, research and resources for clients. This allows you to become a well-rounded developer to help companies engage audiences, boost customer engagement and convert more opportunities. In addition to website development, you’ll gain a foundational knowledge in content, SEO, digital marketing and graphic design. Further, you’ll have the opportunity to work on advance front-end or back-end projects as opportunities arise.

Being a smaller company, we are looking for someone who wants to grow within an organization, wear multiple hats and take on responsibilities over time. We offer significant training and resources to support your growth. We invest in our team by working together, teaching and collaborating. Further we perform regular reviews to ensure that your compensation and responsibilities continue to grow with us. Whether you’re beginner or advanced developer, we’ll work together to create a meaningful and rewarding career path just for you.

  • Write 3-4 blog posts in a variety of industries
  • Schedule, edit and publish content
  • Design logos, layouts, landings, sections
  • Develop websites on WordPress or custom platforms
  • Customize websites using HTML, PHP, CSS
  • Configure hosting environments (SSL, Cpanel, Cloud)
  • Develop SEO-friendly pages and websites
  • Integrate CRM, EMR, ERP, Ecommerce platforms
  • Optimize web elements for tracking conversions


  • Website development experience preferred
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP preferred
  • Digital marketing or content experience preferred
  • Team player and positive attitude
  • Degree in computer science, communications, development
  • Ability to work in fast paced environments

What Type Of Research Is Expected?

Perfect Clicks LLC is one of the few growth-driven digital agencies based exclusively in New Jersey. With local in-house team, we’re focused on growing businesses in our state, region and throughout the nation. We’re proud to be a growing employer in the State of New Jersey, competing with leading agencies throughout the nation. Our highly skilled team provides a wide range of services including content, research, development, marketing and software to a diverse client base.
The research analyst will be responsible for the development and publication of technical content to support premium media publishers, digital brands, and leading publications. This content includes researching technical concepts in finance, investing, software, pharmaceuticals, real estate, solar energy, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity and marketing. The position responsibilities also includes market research, search traffic analysis, keyword opportunities, customer demand, position tracking and conversion optimization. Additionally, the analyst may provide development recommendations for increasing client profitability on digital marketing campaigns.
  • Develop technical content for blog posts, articles, online resources, case studies, marketing brochures, website copy, email newsletters, and external documents
  • Analyze paid and organic traffic trends of client competitors, market conditions and industry news
  • Research keywords, titles, topics and content on competing brands for specific customer segments
  • Evaluate existing blogs, articles and news for missing data or resources relevant to audience members
  • Convert complex topics and concepts into approachable ideas with fresh perspective and unique outlook
  • Collect and analyze analytics to measure pageviews, bounce rate, CTR and shareability
  • Assist with the design and development of UX/UI implementations for goal tracking conversions
  • Support marketing team for social media content for brand products and services
  • Perform other administrative, design, development, marketing and other duties as required

Relevant Experience:

  • 2-Year or 4-Year Degree in Marketing, Business, Finance, Communications
  • 1-5 years of marketing or analyst-related experience
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Suite, Excel, WordPress, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Strong analytical skills to conduct in-depth research on technical topics


  • 1-to-1 training in small team environment
  • Extensive resources with in-house video courses
  • Parental leave for pregnancy or newborn bonding
  • Fast accrual of paid sick days
  • State-approved healthcare plans and options
  • Flexible days off with paid time of and vacation
  • 401(k) plan with employer matching up to 4%
  • Profit sharing incentives tied to your growth
  • Eligible for company performance bonuses

What Are The Graphic Design Responsibilities?

Perfect Clicks LLC is looking for a talented graphic designer to join their in-house team of marketing specialists. This position requires designers to create and execute concepts for logos, websites, social media posts, and other marketing assets. Candidates will be tasked with design and production of posters, giveaways, popups, brochures, PDFs and custom graphics. In addition, the candidates will be required to fulfill content writing and copy requests for blog posts, articles, advertisements and videos.

As a digital media company, daily activities will include a health mix of content, design, development and digital marketing responsibilities. Candidates are expected to fulfill same-day requests with tight deadlines to over-deliver on client expectations. Further, candidates may work directly with clients with presentations, products or brand management.

Above all, we expect the graphic designer to align with the Perfect Clicks core values and design guidelines. The position requires working within a small team environment, providing direct support for the CEO and current team to manage workload. The candidate should build and maintain strong working relationships within the company with the expectation to continue growing responsibilities and compensation consistently over time.


The primary responsibilities for this position includes writing content and building websites:

  • Write 2-3 blog posts of content marketing
  • Design graphics, images, infographics, logos
  • Produce layouts, web designs, social posts
  • Develop website landings, sections, call to actions
  • Brand company marketing materials
  • Schedule, edit and publish content
  • Strategize advertising, marketing, social campaigns
  • Perform other content and design tasks as needed

Qualifications (Preferred):

  • Knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Experience with email marketing, social scheduling
  • Skills in photography, video, editing and design
  • Understanding of WordPress content management
  • Project management skills for tight deadlines
  • Proficiency in branding, aesthetics and art
  • Self-starter with a can-do and positive attitude
  • Creative, detailed to excel in fast paced environment
  • Background in content, design, marketing, branding


Perfect Clicks LLC offer the opportunity to grow with a small company, take on new opportunities and share in the company’s success. We have our own profit sharing program along with several benefits so that you can create the life of your dreams. We offer the following benefits, and more:

  • Traditional business hours (no weekends)
  • Paid sick days off
  • Paid time off / Vacation flexibility
  • Health insurance plans
  • 401(k) plan with up to 4% matching
  • Annual profit sharing contributions

Can I Work Position Part Time?

This position is for part-time or full-time. Candidates should apply to work in our Parsippany office (in person). The hiring process requires an assessment, sample and interviews. Please apply directly and ask for next steps.

In addition to creating opportunities for our clients, we also enable growth for our team. We focus on growth at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Being a small team, your impact and efforts are much more meaningful in a fast-paced environment. You will have the chance to make a difference by producing high-quality work, building real relationships, and taking on new responsibilities.

What If I Have Experience Writing Content?

Join our team as an editor. The purpose of this role is to provide direct assistance to the CEO and content team of the company. This position ensures the daily, on-going content tasks are accomplished while support the Company’s core values, primary objectives and client deliverables. The company is seeking a professional with a wide range of editor skills and fits the organizational culture. The assistant will play a vital role in delivering content, marketing materials and special projects to clients.

Responsibilities Include:

• Manage scheduling for content and marketing calendars
• Writing and publishing content for various industries
• Take charge of key performance indicators, including traffic, rankings, etc.
• Develop weekly newsletters for announcements/blasts
• Conduct in-depth research for proposals, blogs, marketing presentations
• Create content for social media platforms and channels
• Anticipate needs for executive assistant operations
• Maintain smooth operations focused on quality
• Actively solving problems and providing solutions
• Providing support for human resources and personnel management
• Interface with client and partner relationships
• Juggle shifting and changing priorities according to timelines
• Calendar management, making appointments and scheduling

The Ideal Candidate Has:

• Experience working in content, blogging, marketing
• Strong understanding of SEO techniques and organic traffic
• Understanding of financial, technology and business sectors
• Brand specialist knowledge to cater to various audiences

Why You’ll Love Our Team:

• Join a very small, efficient and highly productive team
• Hourly compensation plus 401K matching and profit sharing
• Flexible vacation leaves and accumulated PTO
• Monthly check-ins and semi-annual reviews for support
• Fast paced environment with lots of room for growth
• Plenty of onboarding, training and on-going resources

As part of our interview process, you may be asked to take an assessment and submit a writing sample prior to a full interview.

What Does Perfect Clicks Do?

Perfect Clicks LLC enables growth for our websites, partners, and clients. We specialize in content, design, development, SEO, digital marketing, and custom software. Established in 2013, our small team of hard-working and growth-driven professionals has developed more than 200 websites, written over 10,000 articles, and served upwards of 50M page views. We service high traffic websites, e-commerce retailers, media companies, digital agencies, startups, small businesses, and enterprise clients in a variety of industries such as: solar energy, financial services, SaaS, media communications, food & restaurants, pharmaceuticals, real estate, technology and more.

Perfect Clicks LLC is a digital media company, serving the world’s largest websites. We generate millions of pageviews for content websites, digital publishers, marketing agencies, and direct clients. Additionally, we develop websites for startups, small businesses and large enterprises. With a dedicated team, we service dozens of industries including business, technology, finance, solar, restaurants, pharmaceuticals, real estate and more.

About Us:

  • We have in-house content processes for media companies
  • We write industry leading content for publishers
  • We have leading technology and data in our industry
  • We operate in many competitive industries
  • We write content ourselves, solving problems
  • We help companies grow, their families, employees, economy
  • We are New Jersey natives, believe in family and community
  • We break down silos where you can write content and develop
  • We make a difference to our clients
  • We go above and beyond the competition
  • We get to know our clients better than anyone
  • We have a unique structure to our teams

What Makes Us Different:

  • We have a unique content process to attract 100x traffic
  • We apply lessons, strategies, concepts from dozens of industries
  • We all write content first, which translates to development, design, marketing
  • We started out as a media company, then expanded to SEO and marketing
  • We learn our audiences better than our clients, building resources, guides, assets
  • We make an impact helping people, helping businesses, helping communities
  • We are extremely dedicated to our clients, solving problems
  • We have collaborative training, feedback and support systems for team
  • We can fast-track career advancement and responsibilities
  • We develop time tested, detailed resources for content and traffic

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