Whether it's waste management, healthcare, finance, custom cakes, or app development, we'll internalize your brand, values and voice.

Content Writing Services

Are you tired of spending on expensive ads? Our content writing services allows you to build an asset within your business. Perfect Clicks LLC is one of the few growth-driven digital agencies based exclusively in New Jersey. With local in-house team, we’re focused on growing businesses through content marketing and SEO. We’re proud to be working with leading brands throughout the nation. Our highly skilled team provides a wide range of services including content, research, development, marketing and software – and content is the foundation of it all. And, if you are running ads, you certainly need an agency that prides themselves as being a media company first!

We are responsible for the development and publication of technical content to support premium media publishers, industry defining brands, and leading publications. This content includes researching technical concepts in finance, investing, software, pharmaceuticals, real estate, solar energy, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity and construction. Our strategic content services also includes market research, search traffic analysis, keyword opportunities, customer demand, position tracking and conversion optimization. Additionally, the analyst may provide development recommendations for increasing client profitability on digital marketing campaigns.

In-House Content Team In New Jersey

Most digital agencies outsource their content to freelancers, contractors or writer platforms. Unlike other agencies, we have our own in-house content team based right in Parsippany, NJ. In fact, many of our largest partners are other media companies, digital agencies and marketing firms. Get marketing support and services trusted by the world’s top brands and enterprises.

Blog Content, Articles and Assets

Brands need to compete online with a wide range of blog posts, articles, online resources, case studies, marketing brochures, landing pages, email newsletters, ebook giveaways, documentation, support articles, tutorials and more. Having written over 10,000 articles on our own team, we know what works for you.

Niche-Specific Data Driven Content

Prospective clients often ask us, “How do you know about my industry?” and we have a very simple answer – research. We utilized the latest tools to make data driven decisions. In fact, we’ve combined third party data sources with our own proprietary algorithms to create benchmarks for the competition. Then, we research, learn, analyze and out-perform the entire industry.

Boost Organic and Paid Campaign ROI

We analyze paid and organic traffic trends of client competitors, market conditions and industry news to increase your visibility online. All of our SEO clients achieve 1st page rankings for highly competitive keywords. Using processes developed over the last 8 years, we can deliver over 100x traffic returns compared to other agencies. In fact, we are currently managing over 100,000 keywords ranking on the first page for our client base.

Content Scheduling and Publishing

Our team carefully researches keywords, titles, topics and content on competing brands for specific customer segments. We create a content calendar to prioritize the most profitable topics, based on SEO competition, website strength and current traffic levels. Also, we can create unique, dynamic story-telling guides with licensed images, vectors and infographics. With a structured approach, you’ll have fresh content that differentiates your brand while engaging new customers.

Analytics Reporting and Optimization

As traffic and content grows, you’ll need a team that draw valuable insights from analytics. This data allows us to optimize existing blogs, articles and news, keeping your content on top of the search results. We collect and analyze analytics to measure pageviews, bounce rate, CTR and shareability. Then, we combine your ranking positions with analytics to make further UX/UI design and development implementations for increased goal tracking conversions.

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