Your business needs sales management to obtain additional customers.

Sales Management

Meetings & Sales Consulting

We will dedicate the time to meet with you to discuss sales leads, scripts, brand strategy, target audience and messaging. We will provide 1-2 meetings per month to establish sales strategy, optimized sales scripts, train sales team responses, coordinate with fulfillment team and communicate new insights. If additional meetings or workshops are required, we may add more as needed to refine specific processes or deliverables.

Internal Sales Pipeline Analysis

Next, our team will research the existing sales process, identifying potential gaps, drop-off or lost opportunities. These steps will allow us to confirm the existing scripts and language used so that we can communicate in-line with your brand and audience. Further, we will analyze the existing technologies used to integrate with your chat, phone and CRM. With a proper benchmark in place, we can be sure that new efforts are leading to increased conversions (closed deals). This level of research and analysis makes the difference to maximize the efficiency of your sales process, turning your customer data into your largest asset.

Chatbot Widget Development

We’ll develop a powerful online chatbot to play the role of a customer service representative. We’ll prepare a new live and automated chatbot widget to streamline customer support, accelerate purchasing processes, and promote your competitive advantage. Our team will start the process by defining chatbot goals, outlining the integrations, and creating a conversational roadmap. Then, we can begin working on your chatbot’s persona, flow, and logic tree.

CRM Workflow Development

We can develop a new customer relationship management (CRM) platform for compiling, managing, and analyzing lead data. Our team of CRM specialists will tailor your new solution to support business goals and customer acquisition objectives. We develop applications that organize high volumes of customer information for more successful interactions. Then, we can integrate all your other data sources to automate entries and updates – ultimately accelerating the process significantly. Our goal is to collect insightful lead analytics, support revenue growth, and maximize deals closed.

Chatbot Script Development

Next, our experienced team will work to develop an organized script for your chatbot. We start by predicting what your customers will want to talk about. Then, we can craft a narrative that clearly addresses some of your most commonly answered questions. The result is a uniform chatbot script that comprehensively resolves user issues. Throughout the script development, we’ll work to use conversational language, emotional allure, and the appropriate tone-of-voice. Before we’re done, we’ll give your script a strong finish and proofread it for any errors.

Chatbot Answering Services

We’ll take care of inbound communications from your chatbots. Our team will work with online site visitors to answer complex questions, recommend products, and drive sales. We employ conversational scrips and details to deliver uniform customer support experiences across your brand. Plus, this helps us initiate more conversations with your site visitors. Our goal is to infuse a personal touch and provide personalized service for prospective clients. Professional chatbot answering services help to streamline customer acquisition, promote brand loyalty, and save time.

Phone Answering Services

We will manage your incoming phone communications. Our goal is to increase call rates and boost connections with clients. We seize every opportunity to promote growth by connecting you with more clients via phone. Our experienced customer service team will provide all your callers with personable, supportive, and warm experiences. With our expert services, you know that calls will be answered, leads will be nurtured, and customers will be cared for. You won’t have to worry about missing business calls whenever you’re unavailable. Instead, we’ll provide a personalized, friendly service that suits your primary needs.

Virtual Sales Assistance

We’ll provide supportive virtual sales assistance on your top-selling products. Our team will work diligently to help you build a more efficient, scalable, and highly-profitable sales process. We devise strategies for selling more products, promoting client loyalty, and ensuring customer goals are adequately met. Then, we’ll optimize your eCommerce selling operations for sustainability and success. This includes end-to-end sales pipeline optimization – where we can revolutionize how you sell intellectual property assets online.

CRM Platform Implementation

Once we have a CRM system that meets your business goals and needs, we are ready for implementation. We will implement your CRM application so that it can be used by yourself and key business personnel. To help you get familiar with the platform operations, we can also schedule CRM training sessions with you and your employees. During the implementation stage, we will carefully look for any adoption or integration issues that arise.

CRM Leads Management

We will handle CRM leads entry, intake, and management for your business. We’ll identify high-value leads and qualify them based on their potential. Then, we can collect, analyze, and track all the information needed to fully manage your top-tier leads. Our team will nurture the most promising leads to drive sales, facilitate conversions, and foster strong professional relationships. We’ll also regularly reach-out and communicate with these leads to promote strong engagement levels. This way, you are constantly cultivating new, profitable business opportunities from your previous deals.

Sales Pipeline Testing

Before your chatbot goes live, we will conduct thorough, in-depth performance testing. We strive to test your sales and customer support chatbot under a variety of real-world conditions. This gives us a much stronger understanding of how you’re application will function once it is released. Our testing experts will verify that all the conversational details and messaging capabilities have been properly implemented. Then, we’ll run a scan on visual factors – such as design, typography, and placement.

CRM Leads Tracking

We will also collect insightful analytics from your customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We’ll closely track all entries from your website, chatbot, and other channels of communication. This will give us a better understanding of where your most valuable leads, customers, and deals are coming from. With this in mind, we can pursue strategies to further capitalize on these valuable opportunities. In addition, we can prepare a comprehensive list of CRM metrics that are worth monitoring. Understanding these will typically result in better client relationships, higher sales, and more product sales.

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